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Guangyuan packaging is a leading manufacturer for flexible packaging materials: stretch film, shrink wrap, stretch hood film, silage wrapping films, mattress bag, pallet cover.

Founded in 1999,  Guangyuan packaging today is well-equipped with state-of-the-art multi-layer cast stretch film production facility ,2 lines 5 layers co-extrusions blown film systems ,7 lines 3 layers co-extrusions blown film systems which can produce wide range of PE films. we have a total build up factory area of 20,000 square meters which located in Yantai, China and have operate with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons.

The company covers a building area of 6,000 square meters. Beautiful internal environment, production workspace.Domain cleanliness, the introduction of central air conditioning, information management system; the use of internal LAN to make the company's management more.It has timeliness and intelligence. The company has nearly 100 employees, and has a large number of strong management and research and development.

Companies adhere to the implementation of ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO 14000:2015 environmental management system.Certification, ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, Clear Quality Management, Environmental Safety,Guidelines and objectives of occupational health, attaching great importance to environmental protection, equipped with VoCs organic waste gas treatment equipment, imported too.

Our Cole Values is confidence stems from professional, high quality wins market. Vision is to be the leading producer of flexible packaging materials in world. Mission is to streamline, simplify packaging process, to reduce the cost and minimize the carbon footprint. so as to be fully fulfilled Fully meet the future needs of packaging industry, provide solutions, and take a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and safe technological road.

At Guangyuan packaging, we have always endeavoured to provide our customers the best price to quality ratio products to suit a wide range of packaging applications and processes.

We have a fully equipped laboratory which provides all necessary tests on polyethylene films to ensure high standards of product quality. Inspection equipment: GC detector, dart drop impact tester, tensile tester, heat seal tester, coefficient of friction tester, etc. We are committed to receiving ongoing customer feedback even after the product has been delivered. We also conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys.

We implement high level quality system and we do our best to meet client’s needs. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan. We deeply believe our professional cooperation can achieve the goal of mutual benefit.
Development path
1999xby: 西班牙语 烟台广源包装科技有限公司成立。 | ey: 俄语。 | ry: 1999 年に設立された同社は、もともと PVC シュリンク フィルムを製造していました。 今日まで、当社の製品は世界中で販売されています。 | yy: Founded in 1999, the company originally produced PVC shrink film. To this day our products are sold all over the world.
2003xby: 西班牙语 成为烟台第一家生产PE热收缩膜的企业。 | ey: 俄语。 | ry: ポリエチレン フィルムの製造と開発により、広源包装 は PEシュリンクフィルム の作成を開拓し、その過程で最初の煙台メーカーになりました | yy: By manufacturing and developing Polyethylene film Guangyuan Packaging pioneered the creation of PE SHRINK FILM, becoming the first Yantai manufacturers in the process.
2005xby: 西班牙语 面对市场需求,公司成功研发拉伸缠绕膜。在面对低价竞争的形式下,公司始终坚持质量第一的原则,为客户生产高质量的产品。 | ey: 俄语。 | ry: 高性能多層ストレッチフィルムを製造するためのキャストラインを設置しています。 フィルムの適用は、より少ない材料を使用しながら負荷の安定性を高めることにより、より費用対効果の高い製品保護方法を提供することにより、パレット輸送業界に革命をもたらしました. | yy: Our Plant installs cast lines for the manufacture of high-performance multi-layer STRETCH FILM. The application of the film revolutionised the palletized transport industry by offering a more cost-effective method of product protection by increasing load stability while using less material.
2010xby: 西班牙语 公司成功研发食品复合基材膜。薄膜的均匀度、卫生级别等处于行业高水平。 | ey: 俄语。 | ry: 広源包装 は、ラミネーション用のポリエチレン基板フィルムの新しい生産ラインと吹き込みラインに対応するために拡張します | yy: Guangyuan Packaging expands to accommodate new production and blown lines for POLYETHYLENE SUBSTRATE FILM FOR LAMINATION.
2012xby: 西班牙语 通过全国工业产品生产认证。 | ey: 俄语 通过全国工业产品生产认证。 | ry: ストレッチフードフィルム のブローラインを立ち上げる。 ストレッチ フード フィルムは、環境に配慮した一歩前進であり、プラスチックの消費量を大幅に削減し、定期的に使用することで経済性を向上させました | yy: The company starts up blown lines for the production of STRETCH HOOD FILM. Stretch hood was an environmentally conscious step forward, offering considerable reductions in plastic consumption and increased economy through regular use.
2016xby: 西班牙语 公司喜迁新址,通过ISO体系认证,成功研发并生产冷拉伸套膜。 | ey: 俄语 公司喜迁新址,通过ISO体系认证,成功研发并生产冷拉伸套膜。 | ry: 煙台に拠点を置く 20,000 平方メートルの新工場の主な焦点は、軟包装材料の需要と開発の増加に対応するための追加の生産施設を作ることでした。 | yy: Based in Yantai, the 20,000m2 NEW FACTORY’S primary focus was to create additional production facilities for increased flexible packaging materials demand and development.
2019xby: 西班牙语 成功投产国内先进五层吹膜机组。 | ey: Компания Guangyuan Packaging хорошо оснащена современными 5-слойными системами совместной экструзии с раздувом пленки, которые имеют систему намотки с автоматическим контролем натяжения, систему измерения в режиме реального времени, систему подачи и смешивания и систему смешивания с потерей веса. | ry: 広源包装 は、最新の 5 LAYERS 共押出インフレーション フィルム システムを備えており、自動張力制御巻取りシステム、オンライン測定システム、供給および混合システム、減量タイプの混合システムを備えています。 | yy: Guangyuan Packaging is well equipped with state-of-the-art 5 LAYERS co-extrusions blown film systems, which have auto tension controlled winding system, on-line measurement system, feeding & blending system and weight-loss type mixing system.
2020xby: 西班牙语 吹膜机组成功配备自动中央供料 储罐供料系统。 | ey: Наше производство растет благодаря новой производственной линии по производству пленки для обертывания силоса. | ry: サイレージラップフィルムを生産する新しい生産ラインのおかげで、当社の事業は拡大しています。 | yy: Our operations grow thanks to a new production line producing SILAGE WRAP FILM.
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Cole Values
Confidence stems from professional, high quality wins market.
To be the leading producer of flexible packaging materials in word.
Tostreamline, simplify packaging process. Toreduce the cost andminimize the carbon footprint.
Yantai Guangyuan Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.
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