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Stretch Film

Stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film it's elastic properties keep items tightly bound together for packaging, shipping, and storage. Stretch film is made from LLD polyethylene.

At this moment the stretch wrap is dominating the pallet packaging market. It is widely used in pallet wrapping to keep palletised goods sturdy thus improve warehousing and logistics efficiency and safety, while also being used in bundling smaller items. It’s a superior cost effective alternative to strapping tape and twine. 

Pallet packaging can be done manually either machinally. Many stretch film wrapping machines are available on the market for different packaging methods, from turn-table models to fully automatic rotary-arm, or satellite, models with top-sheet dispenser, automatic film roll change, and speeds up to around 100 pallet loads per hour.   

Key Features and Benefits   

1.  Maximum stretching beyond 250%-300%

2.  Environmentally-friendly and easy to recycle

3.  some degree of dust and moisture protection

4.  Excellent puncture and tear resistance properties

5.  Good cling after pre-stretch

6.  Optimum presentation thanks to transparent stretch wrap

7.  Available in most colours, tinted or opaque

8.  Achieves impressive stability for palletised goods.

9.  Thinner and stronger film for reduced unit cost


Pallet stretch film is widely used in pallet wrapping to keep palletised goods sturdy thus improve warehousing and logistics efficiency and safety. There is practically no industry, no company that doesn’t rely on stretch wrap.

•  Available for Manual Wrapping / Machine

•  Vented stretch film prevents the build-up of rust, mildew, condensation or bacteria within palletised foodstuffs, ideal for the food and horticultural markets.

•  The mini stretch wrap is easier to wrap smaller items manually or longer goods. 

•  Coloured pallet wrap is ideal for recognise stock. 

•  Opaque stretch film helps keep prying eyes off of your product.

Technical specifications

Our standard wrap is designed for use on simple pre-stretch rotary stretch wrap machines with up to 200% stretch. Despite having the lowest stretch capacity in the range, this specification is more than suitable for most semi-automatic machinery currently in the market. 

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