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Mattress Bag

Mattress Bag for Moving & Long-Term Storage

Moving a mattress? One thing you have to have is a heavy duty mattress bag. A mattress bag is one that stands true to its name. It is a large plastic bag to put your mattress in. 

Unlike other mattress bags that utilize a flat, 2D design, this mattress bag opens into a 3D shaped bag that has been customized to fit mattresses snugly. Made of tough, thick plastic, this mattress cover is a simple way to protect against stains, dust and dirt while you're moving. 

If this is your first time encountering the term mattress moving bag, then you should know that mattress bags come in heavy-duty, plastic and are designed to accommodate all sizes of mattresses; from twin, full, queen, to a king-size mattress. 

Key Features and Benefits  

1.  Made from heavy gauge material for outstanding protection

2.  Generous gusset allows bag to slip over mattress easily

3.  High durability with reinforced stitching

4.  Can be customized

5.  100% recyclable and reusable

6.  Extra length ensures total protection

7.  Keeps bugs out of your furniture.

8.  Great way to protect mattresses against stains, dirt and dust during transport and storage.

Technical specifications

They can be manufactured very thin or very thick depending on application and requirement, from our 1.5 mil thickness products to our 4.0 mil thickness products to suit your needs. Regardless of the size of the mattress or sofa that you have, you will find a storage bag that will fit your needs.

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