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Stretch Banding Film
Banding as an Alternative to Strapping

Banding is in many -- but not all -- cases a better alternative to strapping. With banding you can bundle all sorts of products in various sectors without fear of damage. 

Banding film’s elastic memory means it can stretch significantly from its original length. The film tries to return to its original shape and form after wrapping, resulting in a tight, secure wrap. This process ensures bundles will not come undone or need to be rewrapped during transport.

As a result, our Banding film enables safe, attractive bundling, which has been perfectly adapted to the respective product geometry and the requirements of the packaging machine. The film is an economical alternative to tape, strapping and string.

Key Features and Benefits  

1.  Guaranteed damage-free bundling

2.  Strength and stabilization during shipping

3.  Easy to remove bands by end user

4.  Quick and effective

5.  Transparent

6.  Low packaging costs due to thin band

7.  Resists tearing

8.  Suits perfectly on Banding Machine 

9.  Environmentally friendly


Banding is mainly used for separating and bundling. PE banding film widely used in medicine, food, healthcare and more items automatic assembly packaging in other industries. It is more suitable for solid drug products packing in the pharmaceutical industry.  Quick, damage-free and efficient.

•  Labels, carton or tobacco products. 

•  Food, healthcare,  e-commerce, and pharmaceutical industries. 

•  It is more suitable for solid medical box packing in the pharmaceutical industry.

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