Focus on Polyethylene Film for 30 Years


R & D

The company has a large number of strong management and research and development, Who familiar with the properties of LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE, HDPE, EVA, POE and all testing equipment. The ability of R&D personnel can fully meet the needs of measurement, testing and R&D work, and provide strong technical support for independent innovation, new product development and other scientific research work.

We have a fully equipped laboratory, which has GC detector, dart drop impact tester, tensile tester, heat seal tester, coefficient of friction tester, etc. The laboratory installed air conditioner and humidity controller. The temperature is 23 degrees Celsius and the humidity is 50% all year round, which meets the requirements of the inspection on the temperature and humidity. It can provides all necessary tests on polyethylene films and raw materials to provide strong data support for independent innovation, new product development.

In addition to testing equipment, we also have thermal shrink machine, stretch hood machine, stretch wrapping machine and other film equipment. These machines can simulate the customer’s use, test the actual use of the film, and provide actual use data for product development.



Our company is certified by the ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems, ISO 14001:2015 environment management systems, ISO 45001:2018 occupational health & safety management systems, Quality Safety and SGS. Our products and raw materials are through the third party inspection.

Quality Control


We manufacture all our products using premium raw material, which is procured from the reputed suppliers across the world. 

  •  ExxonMobil Chemicals
  •  Dow Chemical
  •  Borouge
  • Mitsui Chemical


Guangyuan packaging owns enclosed dust and fumes filtrated workshop equipped with modern ventilation system and state-of-the-art multi-layer co-extrusions cast film systems and blown film systems.

Such as: counter-flow air ring System, on-line measurement system, auto tension controlled winding system, weight-loss type mixing system



Guangyuan packaging Quality Policy is to provide consistently high quality products to satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements. This is accomplished through a quality assurance system that implements a chain of actions right from the time we receive the raw materials until we deliver the end-product to customers. 

We conduct on-going internal quality inspections on production processes, monitor performance of our equipment, perform laboratory test and out-going inspection.


We strive to serve you in the most effective and efficient way by remaining committed to: We will provide accurate and clear information in response to your inquiries.

We have specialist field sales team with multi industry experience. We can assess if your existing products are optimized and may well offer alternatives if a commercial benefit is available to you.