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Shrink Hoods

Shrink Hoods and Shrink Pallet Covers

Our shrink hoods is used for both on automatic and manual packaging of various products on pallets. The oversized bag is applied over the pallet load and is then shrunk using heat. After application, the film hood is shrunk by means of heat and load and pallet are kept tightly together. 

Guangyuan packaging shrink hoods are specifically designed to offer a high quality and economical way to provide load stability and protect all your palletised products for storage and transportation, which is the ideal packaging solution for pallets, machines, appliances, large equipment and construction materials.

In order to meet the ever increasing demands of this growing market sector, polythene pallet shrink hood are available in multiple formats, these products can be by the piece and in rolls. 

Key Features and Benefits

1.  Ultimate load stability during handling and transportation

2.  Ideal solution to unitize soft goods, sensitive to pressure

3.  UV-protection for film and product

4.  A wide range of sizes, colours and film strengths

5.  Shrinkage in machine (longitude) and transverse directions according to the needs

6.  Maximum protection against wind and weather during transportation and in the warehouse

7.  Achieve enhanced packaging performance and customization with 5-layer film


Guangyuan packaging shrink hoods are developed to operate on all automated shrink hood systems, or manually with heat shrink guns. Adapted to all automatic machines (THIMON, MSK, MOLLER, BOCEDI, BEUMER etc).

• Building industry (cement, bricks, tiles, etc.)

• Industrial and household equipment and appliances (refrigerator, freezer, cooker)

• Glass & bottle industry

• Collective packaging of food industrial products (soft drinks, canned food, etc.)

• And the unifying packaging of all other products on pallets.

Technical specifications

Guangyuan packaging have continued to develop and produce products of the highest quality. Similarly to stretch hooding, we use the latest Co-extruded up to 5 layers technology to design and manufacture high-performance polythene pallet shrink Covers.

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