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Silage Wrap

5 Layers High-End Silage Bale Wrap Film

Sterling-Young is a silage wrap brand of Guangyuan Packaging, which is one of the china largest manufacturers of polyethylene film.Sterling-Young is metallocene based 5-layer blown film, manufactured in china, 25um or 22um thick, 5-layer film tensile strength can reach 40Mpa and is supplied on plastic cores to offer protection against moisture.

With regard to silage films, Guangyuan Packaging reacts to the current market requirements and offers – in addition to the 5-layer high-end silage films – a reasonable standard line with three film layers. Sterling-Young silage films deliver optimum performance on all all types of balewrappers including round and square silage balers.

Sterling-Young silage wrap protects a variety of forage crops, including grass, haylage, maize and other crops, in millions of round and square bales, worldwide. With Sterling-Young you can improve feed quality; lower feeding costs and reduce harvest losses. It is the product of choice for both farmers and contractors who want high strength, reliability and durability in a balewrap stretchfilm. 

Key Features and Benefits

1.  Manufactured using the highest quality raw materials. 

2.  Blown 5-layer film and Unique formula 

3.  High strength with tear & puncture resistance

4.  Excellent adhesive strength and high oxygen barrier property. 

5.  Use in variety bale product (straw, clover, corn, pulp, etc.) 

6.  Suitable for individual bales and in-line wrapping

7.  Ideally suited for wrapping round and square bales 

8.  UV-stable for at least 12 months

Technical specifications

We can reduce the film thickness from 25um to 22um without compromising too much on puncture and tear resistance. Developed for film on film combi wrappers, this is also a 5-layer film, with 22um thickness and with 13% more reel length at a whopping 1700m length.

The 22um silage wrap has been designed to offer you the best value for your money. Depending on the number of layers applied, this could mean an additional 3 bales are wrapped for each reel used. The extra film length also saves time as it means fewer reel changes.

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