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Boat Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap for Boat

Shrink wrap for boats is an easy and economical way to protect and store boats and other marine equipment when you are not using them. Alternatives, such as warehousing, are expensive, as they incur overhead. Traditional tarping can also be unreliable since it doesn’t form fit to the product it covers and is liable to move. 

Shrink Wrap serves as a superior alternative to tarping because it provides your boat or equipment with a glove-like cover that won’t shift or chafe.  A taut shrink wrap cover is achieved by applying heat to your installed cover using a propane heat gun.

Guangyuan packaging shrink wrap systems can be tailored to fit over any object, no matter the size or shape. It has excellent two-directional shrink properties and toughness which can protect RV’s, outdoor furniture, equipment or other commodities from dust, debris and harsh weather elements.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Shrinks tightly over the product placed within, creating a durable barrier of protection

2. Eliminate damage from rain, snow, wind, and other weather conditions.

3. Keep your paint and gel coat shiny and new long term.

4. Puncture and tear resistant

5. High performance shrink characteristics

6. 100% Virgin Resin Shrink Wrap

7. 12-month UVI Protection

8. Suitable for demanding weather conditions


Guangyuan packaging 8 mil plastic is used extensively for packaging of large equipment, boats, or anything needing a slightly heavier protection for outside storage and transport. 

• Marine boat shrink wrap

• Industrial Machinery and equipment wrap

• Cars and other modes of transportation

• Transportation wrap

• Wrapping large or oddly shaped products

• Outdoor Furniture and weather protection enclosure wrap

Technical specifications

Guangyuan packaging offers a variety of different sizes and colors of shrink wrap. Material thickness of the shrink wrap will be in the range of 6 to 12 mil and colors are available in white, blue, and clear appearances with a large selection of roll widths ranging from 12′ to 60′. Each different thickness of shrink wrap has certain applications for which it will be better suited.

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