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Stretch Hood Film

Stretch Hoods
The Secure Alternative to Shrink Hoods

Stretch Hood Film is a highly efficient and revolutionary pallet packaging way, which have a high degree of elasticity and memory retention allowing the film to be stretched over a load , pulled down and applied around the pallet or product to be packed. When released, stretch hood film gives a high holding force on the pallet and has the pallet packed hermetically, strongly and fastly.

Stretch hood packaging is ideal for the industry as it does not alter the overall shape of the load, maintaining a great pallet stability, suitable for heat sensitive products with the packaging capacity up to 150 pallets per hour.

The high quality of Guangyuan stretch hood film means that a single film hood format can, within certain limitations, be used to stretch-hood multiple pallet sizes. That provides many advantages, not least compared to shrink hood and stretch film – ranging from cost-effective to  marketing potential low wrapping costs per pallet, optimum stability and excellent protection.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Excellent elastic recovery

2. Lower energy and resource consumption

3. No risk of fire and explosion

4. High stretchability and holding force

5. Optimum puncture resistance

6. Thinner films and smaller tubes lower material costs

7. High speed pallet packing, up to 100 palettes an hour

8. Six-sided packaging provides full protection

9. Excellent optical properties for easy product identification

10. No more disposable pallets (saving cost)


Our stretch hood film are tried and tested on a variety of  automatic machines operating in the market, including – Beumer, Möllers, MSK, Lachenmeier, OMS, BTH, Thimo and Arcodo

• Building industry (cement, bricks, tiles, etc.)

• Petrochemical products such as polyethylene (LLDPE, HDPE, LDPE, MDPE & etc.), Polypropylene

• Collective packaging of food industrial products (soft drinks, canned food, etc.)

• Individual or unifying packaging of industrial and household appliances.

• Suitable for packaging thermo-sensitive products

Technical specifications

Guangyuan stretch hood film can be customized to give you low, medium or high stretchability which manufactured in a modern and advance 5-layer blown machine, greatly improving its mechanical properties,stiffness and tightness of the package. Our offer includes narrow stretch hood film with a perimeter of 1000 mm, but also stretch hood film for packing large pallets with a perimeter of up to 6000 mm.

Additionally, we can perforate the stretch hood film,this vented stretch hood film offers ventilation properties that vent moisture or heat allow packaging to maintain quality over time.

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