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Collation Shrink Film

Collation Shrink Films – Perfectly Packaged in Just Seconds

Polyethylene Shrink film is a packaging system widely applied in industry, it is a little thicker and more puncture resistant than other grades of film, securely containing your bundled product.

Collation shrink packaging usually used as a tool for bundling multiple products together, such as drinks, bottled water, beer, which is designed to protect products throughout the supply chain and promote and preserve it at the point of sale. It has great stability and safety, easy use and transpor

Guangyuan packaging collation shrink film, made of LDPE, offers an excellent shrink ability which allows the shrink potential to be between 60% and 80% in the machine direction, and 5% to 15% in the transverse direction. It has extraordinary toughness and excellent puncture as well as tight bullseye closures for easy carry and handling, our films are designed to run smoothly on semi and fully automatic shrink wrappers.

Key Features and Benefits

1.  Film coextrusion 3 and 5 layers
2.  Excellent sealing and shrink performances.
3.  Outstanding puncture, tear, and impact resistance
4.  Suitable use at single roll system and double rolls system.
5.  High shrink force to ensure load stability
6.  Eliminate waste with packaging that is 100% Recyclable
7.  Cost Effective compared to corrugated boxes
8.  High brightness, high clarity, high transparency, ideal for point of sale


Collation shrink film solves a wide variety of retail and industrial packaging needs. It ‘s great for moving a lot of retail product and most commonly used for intermediate distribution of items.

  • Group packaging of drinks (water, juices, beer, milk…) in PET bottles, glass bottles, or cans
  • Individual or unifying packaging of canned food
  • Industrial and household appliances
  • Individual and bulky items, such as windows or large carpet rolls.
  • Many other industrial where products are collated together.

Technical specifications

Shrink films are the most widely used, popular and inexpensive materials used for packing. These films are available in a variety of models and sizes at Guangyuan packaging, each one having its own specific properties and advantages. The range includes single-wound and centerfold film, gusseted tubing and hoods. These products can be clear, colored and printed formats.

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