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Pallet cover and sheet

Protect Your Products with Polythene Pallet Covers

Polyethylene Pallet Covers are gusseted poly bags that are used for cover products on a pallet and are an economical alternative to a pallet cover tarp. 

Plastic top sheets are made of polyethylene (LDPE, MDPE, HDPE). These films are offered in rolls or in the form of cut-sheets. LDPE sheeting is ideal for protecting products from moisture damage at the base of pallets and top sheets protect against dust and moisture during transit and storage.

They are vital for warehousing and shipping operations. Polythene Pallet Covers and Top Sheets are now the most widely used form of packaging by companies requiring total product protection.

Key Features and Benefits

1.  High film quality, good protection for packaged products

2.  100% recyclable

3.  Downgauging when needed, cheaper per unit

4.  Ideal for manual or automated packaging lines

5.  Protects goods from dust, dirt and moisture

6.  Available with UV inhibitors

7.  Long durability, lightweight, hygienic

8.  Various sizes to suit multiple pallet configurations

9.  Multi-Purpose: Use as a liner for large conatiners, boxes and cartons to protect products from moisture


The Pallet covers are suitable for applications in manufacturing industries, food  industries. Covers all types of pallets, keeping them clean, stable and dry, ideal for storing tools and equipment on outdoor job sites.

• Building and Automotive Supplies

• Chemicals

• Flooring Materials

• Food Service Supplies

• Pharmaceutical Products

• Textiles

Technical specifications

We manufacture and supply pallet Covers range from 1 Mil to 4 Mil thick. 1 Mil pallet cover bags are often used for temporary protection of items on a pallet. A 4 Mil pallet cover bag is not only a thicker plastic, for better protection

We can produce cost-effective recycled plastic. Our recycled polythene is produced almost entirely from our in-house recycled production waste resulting a very clean polythene recycled grade in greater levels of quality and consistency. Pallet top sheets in this material provide a cost-effective, environmentally friendly packaging solution.

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