Excellent Net Replacement Film

As the name suggests, net replacement film replaces the need to use net wrap in holding the round bale formation, and instead applies several layers of solid film around the circumference of the bale.

Net replacement film effectively also acts as an ‘underlayer film’,which gives further support and strength to the outer wrapping films. In combination with high-quality silage wrap bale wrap, highly compressed bales of precisely cylindrical shape can be produced while optimally retaining the energy and nutrient content of forage.

Film&Film (F&F) wrapping is an innovative dual wrapping method, net replacement film,bale wrap,net replacement film factory.which combines the use of balewrap and netwrap replacement film.

Net Replacement film provides a high-strength wrapping solution for film on film applications. net replacement film,bale wrap,net replacement film factory.The high holding force of NRF in the F&F wrapping system maintains the pressure that has been applied during baling.

So if you want higher quality silage in easier-to-handle bales, as well as increased feed protection, consider switching to net replacement film.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Covers the full width of the bale from edge to edge.
  2. No need to separate Film & Net when opening bales
  3. Better oxygen barrier than traditional net wrap!
  4. No danger to animals from net residue sticking to feed
  5. More compact and stable silage bales
  6. 100% recyclable – can be recycled together with Silage Film.
  7. Improved silage quality due to better oxygen barrier and tighter bales

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