Exploring the Strengths and Thicknesses of Stretch Hood Film

Hooder film manufacturer stretch hood film is designed to secure and protect palletized loads during transportation and storage. Its primary function is to provide stability, protection, and tamper resistance to the goods on a pallet.

Strengths of Stretch Hood Film:
Tear Resistance: A key strength of stretch hood company stretch hood film is its resistance to tearing and puncturing. This feature helps maintain load integrity and prevents damage to the products being transported.

Elasticity: Hooder film manufacturer stretch hood film is highly elastic, allowing it to conform to the shape of irregular loads, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Tamper Resistance: Stretch hood company stretch hood film provides a tamper-evident seal, making it difficult for unauthorized personnel to access or tamper with the palletized goods.

Thicknesses of Stretch Hood Film:
Common thicknesses for stretch hood film are measured in micrometers (μm) or mils (1 mil = 25.4 μm). The most commonly used thicknesses range from 50 μm to 200 μm, with the following considerations:

Load Weight: Heavier loads generally require thicker stretch hood company stretch hood film to provide adequate support and load stability.

Stretching Capability: Thinner films can typically be stretched more, which can be an advantage in terms of cost savings. However, thicker films may offer more initial strength.

Stretch hood company or hooder film manufacturer can help you determine the ideal film thickness for your needs while optimizing cost-effectiveness and load protection.

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